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Meet Sam

Sam is standing in front of a green landscape smiling. She has shoulder length dark hair, and is wearing a floral shirt, black cardigan, and small necklace.

Sam is a Filipino-American voice actor located in the Washington DC Metro area. In her spare time, she enjoys planning weddings, playing video games, and spending lazy days off with her dogs (Rico and Yoshi) and her fiancé. After spending ten years working in the hospitality and event planning world, Sam lives to serve her clients both on and off the mic.

Fun Facts About Sam

  • Her favorite time of the day is 11 AM because she loves checking her mailbox.
  • Despite growing up on a peninsula and being surrounded by water, Sam can not swim.
  • She has had open heart surgery.
  • She was a member of marching band and indoor drumlines for 8 years.

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